Good Carbohydrates in a Pre Diabetic Diet

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Although diabetics are regularly warned against the consumption of carbohydrates, some for instance, complex carbohydrates are actually beneficial if consumed moderately. Basically, carbohydrates are converted into glucose upon their consumption and then absorbed into the bloodstream to provide the much needed energy. Nevertheless, if you are diabetic, controlling the blood sugar levels becomes a difficult task for the body as it can’t produce enough insulin to keep the levels in their normal range. This leads to the blood’s glucose levels fluctuating uncontrollably leading to several unpleasant healthy complications, that may leave the victim either permanently incapacitated physically or if the worse comes to the worst dead.

Carbohydrates are essential for proper body functions, thus should be included in a normal day to day’s healthy diets. However, the daily intake of the said carbohydrates must be strictly controlled, especially for the diabetics. Fortunately, some carbohydrates are actually good and can be consumed without the fear of severe diabetic consequences. Below is an analysis of some of them.

Whole grain Breads and pasta: Such foodstuffs as whole grain breads are healthy for consumption, especially for diabetics. On top of this, consuming a small amount of pasta is highly recommendable for diabetics. Actually, it can easily be prepared to come up with a variety of fulfilling pasta meals. Pasta may also be added to a variety of salads, while the whole grain breads would make a great accompaniment to soups, especially when toasted.

Breakfast cereals: Rolled oats, oat bran, multigrain muesli, whole grain cereals are some of the best breakfast choices available. These should be enjoyed with low fat milk and small amounts of essential nuts, for instance walnuts, almonds and so on. If possible, add a bit of dried fruits, for example figs, peaches, apricots to the cereal to make more wholesome.

Legumes, vegetables and fruits: Such vegetables as sweet potatoes, yams and corn. Although these may be classified as carbohydrate sources, they are also vegetables and can be consumed in moderation. Such food items as potatoes may be eaten but in small portions and should only be boiled or baked but not in fried form. The legumes that can safely be included in a pre diabetic diet are such as, chick peas, kidney peas, baked beans and the like. Haricot beans and other types of aforementioned beans may also be included in a variety of salads to form a good pre diabetic diet.

Other sources of carbohydrates that form a good pre diabetic diet include brown rice, barley, buckwheat, bulgur wheat, corn and so forth. Cook these together with other vegetables to come up with a good pre diabetic diet. The amount of carbohydrate foodstuffs you consume matters a lot if you are diabetic. However, the amounts differ from one individual to the other. There is a big variation in how each individual’s body reacts to the intake of carbohydrates, nevertheless, you should control the urge to overeat the said carbohydrates as it could only lead to a situation whereby you become overweight (a situation which brings with it a lot of healthy complications).