Being Overweight Does NOT Cause Type 2 Diabetes

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Type 2 diabetes can be cured – but to understand the cure, you must understand the reason. You’ll be astonished – the reason is a bit different than what popular media says (and your doctor). You hear all the pieces I’m going to tell you often in the media, but they balance in a way you don’t expect.

First, a bit on how we got here. The medical profession is based on science, and the one thing science is good at is collecting data. The weakness of the profession lies in how ideas and actions are created from this information. Sometimes, the way the doctors agree how things work is wrong, but changing an idea after its set in motion, especially by a professional organization, is very difficult, like trying to hold back the tide. Changing one mind is difficult – how difficult do you think it is to change millions that tell each other that they are right multiple times every day?

There is a high statistical correlation between being overweight and having type 2 diabetes. The vast majority of the members of the medical profession have made the imaginative ‘jump’ that being overweight causes type 2 diabetes. Many studies have been built to support this claim – quite persuasively. However, you can be persuasive for the wrong reasons. This is the case about fat and type 2 diabetes. To repeat – being fat does not cause diabetes!

The same thing that causes fat does cause type 2 diabetes – but one does NOT cause the other! This is a “common cause” relationship, not a “one thing causes the next” relationship. As I said, it’s difficult to change an industries’ mind set on one thing, especially when it very profitable to keep saying the same false story, based on false assumptions for literally years that yield short term results.

The “common cause” relationship for obesity and type 2 diabetes is bad fats (like those in margarine). This single thing causes both of these medical problems. How this common substance – I can’t bring myself to call it ‘food’ – eaten everyday by millions causes type 2 diabetes in a growing portion of the population is explained in this way:

“Another lipid in a cell wall is cholesterol. The cholesterol in each one of your cells forms a “hydrophobic” bond within the cell wall. Hydrophobic means ‘fear of water’. It’s a cute way to describe this function of our cells, but in our lives it simply describes the reason we don’t melt in a rainstorm or fall apart when we take a shower or bath. Our cell structure resists water. Without this resistance, we would be completely water-soluble and each of us would dissolve in a rainstorm.”

One of the basic things that life is based on is the difference in water – fresh versus salty and acidic versus base to mention only two. The way the individual cell can separate these water types is by have a cell wall that is selectively hydrophobic. In this way, the water that is carrying what is needed for a chemical process, like releasing energy or removing waste, can be separated from other kinds.

Our diets lack highly unsaturated fatty acids and contain an excess of man-made oils known as trans fats (or partially hydrogenated oils). These oils are very much like cholesterol and our bodies can not tell the difference. These man-made oils take the place of cholesterol in the cell structure. There, they destroy the electrical charge inherent in the exchange and manufacture of bio-chemicals that result in life. Without this electrical charge, our cells start to suffocate because oxygen isn’t transferred into the cell. Without the oxygen, the only way the cell can reproduce (and get on with the exchange of energy inherent with life) is to do this anaerobically, which is the start of cancer (both my maternal grand mother and mother had diabetes and ultimately died of cancer while taking HUGE amounts of insulin as well).

Trans fats are also very tough oils, with a shelf life of 20 years. They impede the process of cellular exchange, or letting nutrition in and letting wastes out. Trans fats are responsible for type II diabetes, since insulin is a very large molecule it has a difficult time passing through a cell wall created with man-made fats instead of cholesterol (a basic cause for insulin resistance perhaps?).”

Put another way, the trans-fatty acids shape and size is different than the natural molecule they imitate. When it attaches itself to the cell wall, it causes the wall to become rigid and impermeable. The large glucose molecules can not penetrate the cell wall and get where it is needed by the cell to create energy.

An email from a medical doctor explains the process in this detailed way:

“Insulin binds with a cell wall receptor that causes a transport molecule to come to the wall and escort the glucose/ascorbate to where it is needed. The trouble is that it can’t easily come through a port that is made of the wrong fatty acids. The cell may still have some good ports so increasing insulin will still help. Over time as the body continues to store excess glucose as triglyceride in fat cells and does not burn the fat the person become obese – just look around you, it’s everywhere.

Most diets are low-fat and the fats that they do contain are bad fats so the problem just gets worse.”

Type II or type 2 diabetes is one of the rare diseases that it is not caused by a microbe or vaccination impurity. It is caused by our diet of “bad fats” and the lack of “good fats” in our diet.

The same bad fats cause three creeping medical emergencies – when one starts, the others are close behind:

*Type 2 diabetes

*Heart disease


The havoc caused by these man-made molecules does not stop there, but these three issues are the most common.

The medical community, interested in treating the fire alarm and not the fire, believes that type 2 diabetes causes heart disease. While there is some truth to this, the reality is that they are both caused by the same thing – the ratio of ‘bad fats’ to ‘good fats’.

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If a type 2 diabetic would simply avoid not only trans-fatty acids and many other bad fats by replacing them with good fats, eventually the type 2 diabetes would recede. This occurs as the cells that use the bad fats in their walls die they are replaced with cells that use proper fats to build themselves. This process takes several years as many cells live multiple years and those rigid cells contain these bad fats until they are replaced.

You can speed up this replacement process dramatically. Avoid the bad fats. Flood your body with the right kinds of good fats, especially water soluble omega 3. The replacement of these bad fats, and the reversal of type 2 diabetes, generally takes 7-12 months, much less time if newly diagnosed.

It is imperative to avoid all trans-fatty acids, all hydrogenated oils, all canola oil, all margarine, and other ‘bad fats’ like the plague that they are.

Here are further details on this cure, as described by the same doctor above in another email. The facts in this message were checked by a PhD who’s familiar with this process:

“I know you have the theory on this from some of the emails I’ve sent you, but I finally got around to sending the cure to Dr. X [a PhD who works at a medical clinic] who runs the lab at [medical clinic] and heads the department at [a university]. He confirmed it is true and has been around for some time now. The natural therapy will take several months to kick in after which you can flush the medications a person takes down the toilet and pronounce them cured so long as they continue eating right.

The cure is to eliminate partially hydrogenated oils and trans-fats [i.e. trans-fatty acids, such as in margarine] from the diet. Replace them with natural oils such as flaxseed, olive oil, real butter, lard, any organic animal or plant fats, coconut oil, etc. Try to make the omega 3/omega 6 > 1 [i.e. consume more omega 3 than omega 6].

Cells can not get glucose and vitamin C inside when their walls are made by DuPont. You are not surprised are you? DuPont probably knew this 50 years ago. It takes blood sugars 3-12 months to return to normal without any more drugs. This treatment is being done by naturopathic doctors in Phoenix. If you add an organic diet and vitamin C on top of this you will stop most heart disease and cancer. If a person would only seek medical care for trauma or some surgical emergency, he will have eliminated the top 3 causes of death in the USA.”

It is amazing that so many mainstream doctors don’t tell their type II diabetic patients that the major reason for their disease is man made fats such as trans-fatty acids, hydrogenated oils, canola oil, etc. Further, that the direct cure is to eat significantly more omega 3 than omega 6 – monitoring and adjusting these amounts in your diet and supplements so that you have a ratio of 3:1 omega 3 to omega 6.

Such a simple thing to do – and with half the population predicted to be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, such an important thing. Do you want to be saddled with blindness, amputation, heart attacks, ever increasing prescriptions, and at least 10 years taken from your life that is much more painful, dark, confining, and limited than it needs to be?

Avoid type 2 diabetes forever! Look these ideas up for yourself and follow them. I can tell you from personal experience, you don’t want to fall into this diabetes trap I’m getting myself out of.