Diabetic Socks Help Keep Feet Happy

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Diabetic socks help keep feet happy, and this is extremely important. Happy feet will be healthy feet and people suffering from diabetes are far more at risk at developing problems which if left untreated could end in amputation of one or both of their feet. One particular problem suffered by many diabetics is neuropathy which is where the nerves in the feet have become badly damaged. This makes it impossible for sufferers to have full feeling in their feet which leaves them open to the risk of injury. Walking on hot pavement would not affect them right away, and could burn them before they even realize that their feet are on an extremely hot surface.

It makes them particularly susceptible to burning their feet in hot water, or for them becoming too cold. The reason the nerves come damaged can be due to glucose levels being insufficiently controlled which can then lead to blood vessels becoming damaged. Another problem is that diabetics often have impaired immune systems which leaves them more susceptible to inflammation.

People suffering from diabetes need to be very careful that there are no small wounds or blisters on their feet that might develop into ulcers which do not heal properly. It can often be very difficult for them to tell if this problem is developing due to the nerve damage. They also are likely to have poor circulation and wearing well-designed socks can really help with these problems.

Unlike ordinary socks they are designed to be seamless which puts far less pressure on the skin. They may be thickly padded which not only makes them more comfortable but protects the vulnerable foot. They are designed to be loose around the top which prevents compression which can make bad circulation even worse.

One common problem that they often suffer from during cold weather is chilblains so it’s essential to keep this area of their body as warm and dry as possible. Wearing products that are made from wool and cotton allows the skin to breathe so that it doesn’t become damp which could cause rubbing and sore spots.

Diabetic socks keep feet happy, but more importantly they keep them healthy. They should fit properly for maximum effect and should not be too tight. It’s best to have a selection so that different pairs can be worn for different activities and for when the weather is warmer or colder.