Symptoms of Adult Diabetes – Information That You Should Know

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Diabetes is a disease associated with the body’s inability to produce the required amount of insulin or the inability of the body cells to use the produced insulin. In either case glucose level builds up in our blood leading to diabetes. The hormone insulin secreted by the pancreas is actually a glucose regulator. It activates the cells to burn down the glucose, absorb it and convert it in to energy required by the body for day to day acts. If insulin produced falls short of the required amount, as in the case of Type 1 diabetes, one has to inject insulin to combat the disease. Type 1 diabetes is also known as juvenile diabetes. Type 2 diabetes occurs when cells grow non-reactive to insulin. This is the commonest type of diabetes attacking adults. Poor nutritional habits, inactive lifestyle, obesity are factors leading to Type 2 diabetes. Gestational diabetes is another type affecting pregnant women.

Major Symptoms of Adult Diabetes

1. Frequent urination is a prominent symptom of adult diabetes. One feels a fullness of bladder even after excreting urine. This happens because the body of a patient of diabetes tries to flush out fluids through kidneys in order to balance and dilute the high levels of glucose in the patient’s urine.

2. Constant thirst is usually felt by a diabetic. Due to increased urination, the body needs to replace the lost fluids and the result is feeling thirsty frequently. Not taking water may lead to dehydration and further complications.

3. Feeling extremely hungry frequently is another major symptom. The body cells become inert to insulin, and the cells do not get glucose to convert into cells. The starved cells make the feel a persistent hunger.

4. Excessive loss of fluids, reversed metabolism of body fats and proteins lead to loss of weight drastically. Thus weight loss is another symptom.

5. Muscles cells are deprived of enough fuel to convert it in to energy in a diabetic. Often body fat is consumed due to a reverse calorie effect, leading to much fatigue. Fatigue is common symptom of diabetes.

6. Vomiting and nausea is a symptom that occurs when ketone acid builds up in blood due to the reverse calorie effect.

7. Irritability is common in a diabetic. Inadequate glucose supply to brain may make the patient suffer from excessive mood swings or feel cranky.

8. A diabetic also suffers from blurry vision. Excessive glucose may get in to eyes changing the shape and create problems in focusing.

9. Poor wound healing is also a symptom. Excess glucose in blood lowers the production of white blood cells and thereby weakens the immune system. This leads to very slow healing of wounds.

10. A diabetic is more prone to any infections due to the suppression of the immune system.

11. A diabetic may feel an itching sensation on the skin around genitals.

12. A feeling of numbness or a tingling sensation on legs, feet and finger is another symptom a diabetic may suffer from.

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