Good-Enough Male and Couple Sexuality

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Realistic, Age-Appropriate Sexual Expectations Are Essential for Sexual Satisfaction

As you age and your body changes, your sexuality also changes. Sex is different at age 20 than at 40 or 60 or 80, but aging itself does not mean an end to sex. You truly are a sexual person until you die.

The most important positive, realistic expectation is that you are aware of and accepting of your bodily changes rather than fighting against your body. As you age, your vascular and neurological systems become less efficient, so psychological, relational, and psychosexual skill factors become more important in sexual function and satisfaction. Contrary to popular mythology, there is not a dramatic change in testosterone levels with healthy aging. A key to healthy developmental sexuality is to confront the cultural myth that you are past your sexual prime by 22 (this refers to a very narrow definition of sexual ability as able to become aroused quickly after ejaculation). Your penis and orgasm are an integral part of your sexual body, but intimate intercourse is the key to healthy sex after 25. Enjoy being an adult sexual man. Sexual satisfaction at any age is grounded on realistic expectations of your body, emotional well-being, and relationship health.

Good Physical Health and Healthy Behavioral Habits Are Vital for Sexual Health. A Man Needs to Value His Own Body as well as his Partner’s

Taking care of your physical health and body will enhance your sexual function and satisfaction. Anything that is detrimental to your vascular, neurological, or hormonal system is harmful for you sexually. An important example is smoking, which impairs your vascular system. Another crucial factor is drinking. Many young men learn to be sexual in the context of alcohol. Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant that negatively impacts sexual response. However, for young men, their sexual enthusiasm and more efficient vascular and neurological systems can override these effects. Alcohol also “greases social encounters” and can reduce self-consciousness. One or, at the most, two drinks can improve social confidence and put the man (and woman) in a passionate mood— this can be a legitimate use of drinking. The danger is when he needs alcohol as “liquid courage.” A common trap occurs when sex and alcohol are strongly linked. Alcohol abuse is a very frequent cause of male sexual dysfunction, especially erectile dysfunction – canadian pharmacy online.

In contrast, men who don’t smoke and have healthy sleep, exercise, eating, and drinking habits are protecting their sexual bodies and facilitating sexual response. This is of value throughout life, but especially after the mid-30s, because the vascular and neurological systems are less efficient and therefore sexual response is more vulnerable. Remember, healthy sexuality resides in a healthy body.