The Three Types of Diabetes

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Diabetes is an ailment that affects patients chronically due to a rise in the degree of sugar in the body. This leads to body organs that have high concentrations of glucose losing their vitality. This is caused by a decrease in the production of the pancreatic insulin, which is the substance that is instrumental in maintaining the concentration of sugar in the tissues and inside the capillaries. Depending on the period of ailment and its complication, there are three conditions that stem out of this main disease.

The first type is Type 1 Diabetes. This is an inherited disorder that is manifested by extremely low degree of insulin. Though it can be detected as late as youth, it is inherent in children who need to be tested early before it develops into other complications. The clinically approved remedy is to inject the patients from an early age with doses of this vital substance for controlling glucose artificially for normal life processes to take place in the tissues. Type 2 on the other hand affects adults and is caused by similar lack of production of this pancreatic hormone. It is also exacerbated by the fact that the organs fail to react to the little insulin that is being released. Weight gain is also another cause of this complication.

The final kind of Diabetes is the one that affects pregnant women even if they have no acquired the disease genetically. This is caused by undue increase in sugar concentration in body tissues. All these three types can be combated by insulin injections.

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