Type 2 Diabetes – The Weight Loss And Blood Sugar Connection!

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Are you obese and suffering from Type 2 diabetes? Do you ever wonder why your doctor keeps on nagging you about trimming your belly fat and getting rid of your excess weight? Do you know the benefits of losing weight in Type 2 diabetes? If you are still puzzled about what effective, healthy weight loss can do, the best thing for you to do is to continue reading this article.

A study published in the February 2002 issue of The New England Journal of Medicine estimates that approximately 8 percent of American adults are suffering from the direct and indirect consequences of having Type 2 diabetes. In another study published by the Journal of the American College of Nutrition in 2003, it is clearly stated obesity is the major cause for the development of diabetes mellitus 2 or Type 2 diabetes, and the excessive intake of energy in the form of calories in obese people is the number one contributor to the poor control of blood sugar in this disease.

What is the mechanism behind diabetes and excess fat accumulation?

In a study published by the European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Science in 2002, it has been shown the increase in weight causes the development of hyperinsulinemia or elevated blood insulin, the hormone responsible for the transport of energy-producing glucose or sugar into the cells. However, even with this increased blood insulin, the individual cells still can’t utilize these raw energy materials because of the development of insulin resistance, or the inability of individual cells to respond to insulin stimulation, leading to excess sugar levels in the blood. Furthermore, this obesity-induced resistance to insulin pushes individual cells to increase their fat accumulation which further increases the fat tissue bulk within your body.

Obesity is now a well-recognized major factor in the progression of insulin resistance in Type 2’s. In fact, in the study published by the European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Science, it has a large impact on the worsening of diabetes and its other complications such as cardiovascular disease.

Being obese is one of the greatest obstacles to the proper management of Type 2 diabetes. So, if you are one of those people suffering from the consequences of diabetes, getting rid of your excess weight can be one of the best decisions you have ever made. Changing your lifestyle by increasing your physical activities and making your diet healthier are your best bets for effective weight loss.

Remember this: Having a good weight management program is one of the most important tools for the management of your Type 2 diabetes. To start with lower your blood sugar levels by choosing healthy foods, you will then lose weight. And by losing weight your blood sugar levels will continue to fall… and you will continue to lose weight.