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Type 2 Diabetes – With or Without Drugs!

Do you have Type 2 diabetes? How do you feel about taking oral anti-diabetic medications or insulin for the rest of your life?

Many diabetics experience medication fatigue… imagine taking the same set of bitter bad-tasting medications day in and day out just for the sake of controlling your blood sugar. For some people, seeing and tasting the same medications everyday can give them enough stress that may last a lifetime. One of the most common questions raised by many diabetics is this: “How can we possibly control our blood sugar without the aid of anti-diabetic drugs?”

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Type 2 diabetes is a metabolic problem that results from high blood sugar levels caused by the increased resistance of your body’s cells to the action of insulin. Insulin, a special hormone that facilitates the transfer of sugar extracted from your meals to your cells, is essential to life and has wide-spread effects all over your body. Risk factors for the development of blood sugar problems include:

age… the older you are, the greater your risk for Type 2 diabetes
being overweight or obese… being overweight predisposes you to diabetes
lack of exercise goes hand in hand with obesity
heredity… if you have a family member who has been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, you are at a greater risk for getting it yourself
sleep habits… insomnia makes you more prone to diabetes
decreased “good” cholesterol level, increased “bad” cholesterol level, high blood pressure and a history of diabetes in pregnancy.

Many experts consider Type 2 diabetes as a lifestyle disease, therefore, with proper correction to the lifestyle you live, this condition really can really be managed without the use of drugs.

According to the Joslin Diabetes Center, many diabetics control their blood sugar levels without the aid of anti-diabetic medications by:

normalizing their body weight
by having regular physical exercise, and
by eating a proper diet

Many studies have shown how both weight loss and exercise can increase the body’s sensitivity to insulin, thus reducing insulin resistance. The more sensitive your cells are to insulin, the healthier you body is. Choose to eat properly and to exercise, and your pancreas will thank you by functioning well. Then no drugs are involved.

However, according to Joslin Diabetes Center many diabetics fail to normalize their blood sugar levels despite their best efforts. For these diabetics it will be necessary for them to continue taking their anti-diabetic medications.

Check your blood sugar reading every day… if your blood sugar still spikes even with your best efforts, there is no other choice but to continue your anti-diabetic medications. This is important in order to prevent both immediate and long-term complications associated with high blood sugar.

POSTED ON April 18, 2011,