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Type 2 Diabetes – Long-Term Sugar Control and Diabetic Retinopathy!

A technique known as “measuring lens fluorescence” is a useful way of assessing life-long blood sugar levels. The lens lasts a lifetime and it’s ageing process is affected by blood sugar. By measuring lens fluorescence, scientists can see how much ageing the blood sugar levels have caused, allowing them to estimate the amount of sugar that has been in the body over time.

Researchers in the Department of Ophthalmology, Glostrup Hospital, University of Copenhagen in Denmark carried out lens fluorescence imaging to discover whether the life-long level of blood sugar could be associated with the risk of diabetic retinopathy. Diabetic retinopathy is an important cause of blindness in diabetics, both Type 1 and Type 2. The blood vessels at the back of the eye are then affected and bleed into the eye. Results of the study on lens fluorescence were published in the journal Diabetologia in December 2010.
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Nine hundred volunteers between the ages of 30 and 60 were admitted to the study. One hundred and seventy were found to be diabetic and 35 already had a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes. Retinopathy was diagnosed in 46 people, or 22 per cent of 205 volunteers with Type 2 diabetes. Those with twice the amount of lens fluorescence as the volunteers with lower amounts of fluorescence, had more than five times the risk of diabetic retinopathy. Smoking, blood pressure, height and weight proportions, and HbA1c were also found to be associated with retinopathy. It was also concluded retinopathy is associated with the amount of sugar in the blood in both Type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes, and that life-long control of blood sugar could help to prevent diabetic retinopathy.

How will you keep your blood sugar levels down?

  • one way of satisfying a sweet tooth is to drink hot or iced tea with sucralose or stevia
  • some people like to sweeten seltzer water with non-sugar sweeteners and add some fruit juice for flavor
  • fruits are another good way of getting something sweet with less sugar and more fiber than you would get with high-sugar snacks made with highly refined flour and sugar
  • many people are reportedly including their dogs in their getting-fit resolutions for 2011, taking them for walks and playing with them. Even brushing your dog several times a week for fifteen minutes, changing hands halfway through will work your arms and please your dog

Why not check out the local gyms… many of them are competing with lower fees so shop around for the bargains. Some gyms offer discounts if you bring a friend along, and the added benefit of bringing a friend is that you can encourage each other. A membership to a local fitness center is a great way to get exercise in a safe and social environment.

Keeping your blood sugar levels in the range as discussed with your doctor, will help to prevent all diabetic complications.

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