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Diabetic Health Maintenance: Should Be As Regular As an Oil Change

For the millions of individuals suffering from juvenile diabetes, sticking to a health maintenance schedule should be as routine as changing the oil in your car’s engine. Considering the multitude of life threatening complications that can develop, if this disease is not kept under strict control, your actions will determine the difference between a healthy life and a short one.

Type one diabetes what is it?

Juvenile diabetes can strike at any age. In some cases, a person can be classified as a juvenile diabetic up till the age of twenty-four. It’s all predicated on dependence of insulin. While only about five percent of the population falls under this definition, the primary factor that distinguishes between juvenile and adult diabetes is that in juvenile diabetics, the pancreas no longer creates the hormone insulin at all.

What does this hormone do?

This hormone is vitally necessary in order to convert sugars and food that we consume to energy that our body needs. Sugar is the gas in the human gas tank. When the beta cells in the pancreas no longer make insulin, the sugar level in our system gets elevated and literally dries out our body. One of the primary indications that you may have developed diabetes is excessive thirst.

What are the complications?

As the body becomes dehydrated from high levels of sugar in your system, sight will be affected quickly. Other complications include circulatory issues and damage to the liver, kidneys, and heart. Until the early nineteen twenties, when scientists figured out how to manufacture insulin to make up for the lost production of insulin in a diabetics pancreas, the complications from the excessive glucose levels assured death in a matter of years. Today, the first part of the problem has been solved. We know how to get insulin into the system via syringe or with an insulin pump under the skin.

How will this affect my life?

Make no mistake; diabetes will change your life forever. You will have to be ever vigilant in monitoring what you eat, your blood sugar levels, and regular checkups with the doctor to make sure the complications are not over taking your hard work to remain healthy. The good news is that as opposed to some diseases, diabetes isn’t the death sentence it once was. When you think of it, most of us are very diligent about taking care of our car. Why should we be any less diligent in taking care of our health?

What can I do to stay healthy?

There are natural remedies that can help control some of the complications caused from damage by the strain that uncontrolled sugars cause to your body. Omega 3 fish oil is strongly suggested for several reasons. First, one of the most common complications from diabetes is inflammation to the cardio vascular system and body organs. Fish oil high in fatty acids works to combat inflammation throughout the body. In addition, Omega 3 fish oil has proven to fight high levels of cholesterol naturally. Cholesterol is a major cause of coronary heart disease in the general population. In diabetics, this is exacerbated by a factor of three because of blood sugar elevation. High blood pressure is another complication more prevalent in diabetics. For this reason, in addition to prescription drugs to fight high blood pressure, your doctor will most likely recommend Omega 3 fish oil as a health supplement to lower blood pressure naturally.


Now that you know the many benefits that rich Omega 3 fish oil can deliver to diabetics in the quest for good health, it’s vitally important to remember that the most important job for a diabetic in protecting his or her health is proper regulation of blood sugars. Omega 3 fish oil can do wonders to help protect your organs and arteries, but job one is always your blood sugars. Many people have led healthy lives by following these rules, you will too!

POSTED ON April 22, 2011,