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Diabetic Erectile Dysfunction

For men suffering from type 2 diabetes, life is difficult enough without the added frustration and embarrassment of experiencing sexual problems and erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction can be described as a consistent inability to have an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse. Estimates of the number of males that suffer from this condition vary from as low as 20% to as high as 70%. Because of the embarrassment associated with this dysfunction, nobody can be sure what an accurate percentage could be.

Diabetic men are three to four more times more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction than the average non-diabetic man. It is difficult to make the connection between erectile dysfunction and pre-diabetes, as most people with pre-diabetes are unaware of their condition. Aware or not, pre-diabetes problems can affect erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is a problem with the nervous system. It is believed that diabetes and high blood sugar levels can damage nerves, which seems to lead to the erectile dysfunction. It is also important to factor in that high blood sugar levels play in altering hormone production. This altered hormone production can cause a male to take on more female hormone characteristics. This means that a male could have increased estrogen levels and decreased testosterone level because of diabetes and high blood sugars. With decreased testosterone levels, the male will experience a low sex drive and an inability to get and sustain an erection.

Most men with erectile dysfunction use medication to correct their problem. Using medication may be an effective to improve ‘performance,’ but it really does nothing to fix the cause of the real problem. Medications in general are an effective way to help certain conditions like blood flow, they rarely get to the root cause of the problem.

If the real problem is high blood sugar levels, then it is very important to get them under control. Too many people suffering from type 2 diabetes do not make an effort to get their blood sugar under control. Instead of doing the education needed for their condition, they are given medication after medication. This is not as effective as it needs to be, and so there has to be another way.

If you, or someone you know is, or thinks they may be a type 2 diabetic, please see a physician as soon as possible and have tests done so you learn exactly what you are dealing with. Type 2 Diabetes is a very serious disease and if left untreated can create serious permanent damage. Go get treated today, you deserve the very best!

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