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Diabetes Meter Review

Diabetes is a very demanding condition. You need to stick to rigorous diets, have an exercise program, control your weight and besides all this, you have to test your insulin levels maybe twice or three times a day. And don’t forget about your professional life and family duties. How can someone keep track of all these things?

For all these reasons, it’s very practical to make a review of the blood sugar meters available in the market today in order for you to invest your money in the most profitable way when acquiring your glucose meter.

Which Diabetes Meter Is The Best For You?

If what you need is an accurate, easy to use and painless meter then you should consider the top 3 diabetes meters in the market: Accu Check, One Touch Ultra and Precision Xtra. Indeed, they differ from one another and that’s what we’re going to see right away so that you do a wise selection.

Accu Check

This meter is very popular. Its main advantage is that it provides an easy reading on a large display. It’s accurate and intuitive to operate. However, it’s not really portable for its large size. That makes it more proper for home use.

Precision Xtra

This is another very popular sugar meter. It provides total accuracy and its portability makes it very attractive for those who have to take it everywhere and need to test small children or anyone who has difficulty with the traditional testing methods. There’s only one obstacle regarding this device: it’s not easy to operate and requires a little time to learn its use.

One Touch Ultra

This glucose meter is very alike Precision Xtra but it has a great plus which is very easy to use and very portable. This gadget is totally suitable for active young adults or any dynamic people who are moving around all day long everyday.

Free Diabetes Meter

According to what is stated above, choosing properly a diabetes meter depends on your needs and lifestyle. These three diabetes meters have similar costs but in order to be absolutely sure of which device is the best for you, it’s recommendable you look for a free trial. There are many companies that offer free trials. So if you’re interested, all you have to do is to answer a few questions online and you’ll get a glucose meter totally free

POSTED ON October 15, 2010,