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Diabetes Mellitus Herbal Home Remedies

Diabetes Mellitus is most common among obese and older people. This chronic metabolic disorder prevents the body from using glucose either partially and/or completely. Most often, it is characterized by elevated glucose concentration in the blood. Since the pancreas produces insulin and controls the amount of glucose in the blood, without the necessary insulin, blood sugar increases in the blood because the body simply cannot use or store the glucose.

Several home remedies for Diabetes Mellitus have proven beneficial in controlling diabetes. The most common used is bitter gourd. Bitter gourd contains a hypoglycemic or insulin like compound which has been very valuable in lowering both urine and blood sugar levels.

Indian Gooseberry has been an all natural remedy for treating diabetes mellitus and is high in vitamin C. Just a tablespoon of this juice, mixed in with a cup of bitter gourd juice, as described above, taken daily for about two months will reduce blood sugar levels.

Jambul Fruit is a black berry and another excellent source of home remedies and/or herbal remedy treatments for diabetes mellitus. The Jambul Fruit has a specific effect on the pancreas which regulates the amount of insulin being produced and has the capabilities of turning starch into sugar when an increase production of glucose is found. One teaspoon of powder should be mixed with one cup of milk and taken twice daily.

Grapefruit. If it were eaten more frequently, some believe, the diagnosis of diabetes would be less. Grapefruit eaten three times a day has been known to regulate and treat diabetes mellitus naturally.

Mango Leaves. Leaves of the mango tree are considered an effective treatment in diabetes. By soaking 15 grams of leaves in 250 ml of water overnight, squeezing them in the morning and consuming, this method has been known to control early diabetes.

Other foods like string beans, onions, garlic and cucumbers are valuable foods and treatments when trying to control diabetes mellitus naturally.

By not missing meals, consuming a well-rounded diabetic diet and daily exercise are also great ways to naturally treat diabetes mellitus. You can naturally treat your diabetes with any of the preferred methods listed above and staying active. At each meal be sure to consume some sources of protein but do not over indulge in high protein foods as it can lead to renal problems. Be sure to watch your fat intake as many foods have some invisible amounts of fasts. Avoid these invisible fats by eliminating egg yolk, whole milk and red meats. Rather, eat egg whites, drink skim milk and skin-less chicken. When using butters, limit the quantity of the spread, as these also contain damaging invisible fats.

As with any new regimen always consult your physician prior to starting anything new, discuss any medications you are taking and any possible drug interactions. This article is not meant to cure and/or diagnose disease. It is simply to give you the knowledge of natural home remedies for diabetes mellitus so you can make an informed decision.

POSTED ON June 30, 2011,