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Diabetes – A Threat Throughout the World

Around the world today, the threat of diabetes and obesity is very worrying. What is the solution on the threat that this alarming? and is there any proven treatment for diabetes in the market today?

Whether you believe it or not, the number of diabetics in the world is increasing every year. According to the International Diabetes Federation statistics, people with diabetes worldwide is currently about 285 million people. And this number is increasing. The figure is expected to hit the 438 million people in 2030 to clarify.

In Malaysia, it is a sudden increase in diabetes, from 1.4 million in 2006 to 1.8 million in 2010 and that number will increase to 2.5 million people by 2030.

Most patients with type 2 diabetes due to failure of the pancreas to produce sufficient insulin, while type 1 diabetes patient’s pancreas is not working directly. Patients with type 2 diabetes often have blood lipid levels and cholesterol levels and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

This is the underlying cause of many deaths of type 2 diabetes. There are two types of risk factors of type 2 diabetes, it is risk factors remain and may change.

Risk factors remained, the genetic factors, age and ethnicity, while risk factors may change, involves weight loss and physical activity. In Malaysia, the most ethnic with diabetes were Indians followed by Malays and Chinese.

Other factors that cause diabetes are weight loss and physical activity. If a person’s weight is growing up obese, the higher the risk of diabetes and a person who is disabled also face the same risk.

The impact of diabetes on a patient is very large and offered many complications. It is the sixth disease that causes death and at the same time reduce the life expectancy of five Hing sufferer to 10 years.

Diabetics are also at risk of cardiovascular disease between two and four times in addition to experience nerve damage, amputation, blindness and kidney failure.

Looking at the number of people living with diabetes today and the expected future, a warning is very worrying and needs attention. Once we assume that the disease involves only the rich only, but now the scenarios has changed since it also occurs in people who live outside the city.

Within a decade, more rural communities suffering from diabetes. The increase in the number of diabetes patients are associated with obesity, so it is called diabesiti.

Most patients cannot control blood glucose levels as normal extent of this disease causes blood glucose levels rise. Although the treatment of existing diabetes, over 60 percent of patients with type 2 diabetes do not achieve good blood glucose control.

Some treatments for diabetes cause a person to experience weight gain and is often associated with the risk of hypoglycemia. It is a condition of the blood glucose level is below normal levels can cause serious signs of coma.

Therefore it is important for us to control our diet and take foods and fruits as recommended by nutritionists as well as adopt a healthy lifestyle to avoid the diabetes.

POSTED ON June 15, 2011,